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Abatement, Remediation, and Mitigation - Phoenix AZ

Sometimes when disaster occurs or problems arise in your home, it’s hard to know what all the terms being thrown around by contractors are. Some mistakenly use words synonymously when they shouldn’t be. Read the following to learn the differences between Abatement, Remediation, and Mitigation.

Abatement: The removal or termination of something that is a nuisance or problem. This can include the complete removal, or just a way of encapsulating the problem so it does not cause further harm.

Remediation: This includes the process of addressing the problem so it does not happen again. Remediation plans can include Abatement.

Mitigation: The process in which damage is reduced and prevented by taking fast action. For Example, if a room in your home floods, the mitigation would include sucking out the excess water, removing soaked drywall and carpet, and setting up fans to dry out carpet and walls. If there is a leak in your roof, the mitigation would include putting up a tarp immediately to prevent water from leaking into the home. Boarding up your home, emergency removal of trees, and temporarily storing belongings are also examples of mitigation.

Are you having a hard time deciding if you need one method or the other? Remember that it depends on the type of material that is causing the problem. Asbestos and Lead only need to be abated, but mold involves remediation because of the possibility if it’s return. It of course is always possible that you are in need of all three strategies to avoid disaster. Click here to learn how Tactical Restoration can help with Abatement, Mitigation, and Remediation.