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Choosing the Best and Most Reliable General Contractor to Hire - Phoenix Arizona

Are you having trouble choosing the best and most reliable contractor? Try following these steps:

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  1. Recommendations: Sometimes this can be helpful, but it isn’t always the best way to find a contractor. You may have friends who just had a remodel and they had a good experience and so you add the contractor to your list to research. Or, maybe you are planning on doing a new home build, so you aren’t sure if this contractor does jobs that big.

  2. Phone interviews:

    • Find out if they take on projects your size. If they are a small contractor, they might not take on your big job, and some larger contractors won’t take on small jobs that could be done by a handy-man

    • How soon could they start your project? (remember a busy contractor is a good sign.)

    • Ask for previous clients that might provide you with feedback and information on the quality of the contractor

    • How many subcontractors will they be using and how long have they been working with them?

  3. Face to Face meeting: You can really get as many estimates as you would like! This provides a great opportunity to have face to face meeting with the contractors you are interested in.

  4. Look up the company’s BBB reviews and contact previous clients. If it’s a restoration project, you can talk to your insurance provider about the contractor and previous experience with them or others they may recommend.

  5. Compare and choose

  6. Establish payment and schedule. Never pay for all or majority of the project before it starts. Usually, with larger projects, a payment schedule will be established and the final payment will not be collected until you are satisfied with your home. Make sure they also provide you with a schedule of what and when work will be performed on your home, as well as an estimated finish date.

  7. Low price isn’t always the best! You want quality work, done efficiently. But the cheapest guy on the block is never that.

  8. Get it in writing! Once you know the price, payment plan, scope of work, and work schedule, you should sign a contract before the work begins. Keep a copy of this for your records