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Gazing and It's Different Types - Tempe AZ

What is Glazing?
Glazing is the term used when describing installing windows.


What are the different Types of Glazing?

Single Glazing

-Single-Glazed, Clear Glass: Compared to all else, this method of glazing is the least energy efficient. It allows for the highest transfer of energy, but also allows the highest amount of light to come through

-Single-Glazed, Tinted Glass: Because of the tint, solar heat gain is lessened. Of course it also lowers the amount of light that is able to shine through the glass.


Double Glazing: Although there are more than 8 different kinds of Double Glazing, we will only discuss two of the most commonly known.

-Double Glazing, Clear Glass: This window has two pieces of glass, separated by a pocket of air. Double glazing is highly recommended because it cuts the energy loss from single glazed windows in half!

-Double Glazed, Tinted Glass: Similar to the above mentioned, this also cuts the energy loss in half, lowering energy bills. The tinted glass is helpful in eliminating glare, but doesn’t allow as much light to shine through as clear glass.


Triple Low-E Glazing: There are about three different kinds of triple glazed windows, which we will not review in this article. Keep in mind that triple glazed windows have a very low heat loss rate.