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How Can I Prevent Fire Damage to my Home

Fire season in Arizona is in full swing and no one wants to have to deal with the damage that comes from a house fire. There are simple precautions that can be followed in your home to prevent these fires from happening.


Appliances and Electrical Safety

-never overload extension cords, power strips, or sockets.

-never leave any appliances plugged in when away

-don’t run any cords under rugs, carpet or furniture

-replace damaged or frayed cords immediately


Kitchen Safety

-never leave something cooking in the kitchen unattended

-keep flammable items far from cooking areas

-if fire starts on stove--never throw water over the top, instead cover with a lid to smother fire and turn off heat

-don’t wear loose clothing near the stove

-keep outdoor grill at least 10 feet from the home



-teach your children fire safety

-establish limits--such as staying 3 feet away from the stove

-store matches and lighters out of reach of children

-never leave children unattended near burning materials: stove, grill, fireplace, candles, etc.



-never smoke in bed

-never leave cigarette butts laying around--couches and sofas are among the most likely to catch fire from this

-don’t throw away cigarette butts without first soaking them in water


Additional Tips

-check your smoke detectors every month

-remove dead and dried plants from around your home

These are just a few tips to help you prevent a fire happening in your home. If you are the victim of a house fire and have damage that needs repair, or you need your home rebuilt, call Tactical Restoration. Tactical Restoration is dedicated to helping you get your home back after fire damage. Click here to contact.