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How to Choose the Best Contractor - Chandler AZ

Choosing the right contractor is a difficult decision, probably one of the hardest decisions with home renovation and restoration projects. Whatever you want done to your home or commercial property—there are steps and things you can do to ensure that your home turns out just the way you imagine.

It’s important to have an idea of what you need done before you get the estimate. Try writing a list of all the changes you are going to have made. The more specific you are, the more specific the contractor will be in the estimate for you.  If you are having restoration done and aren’t sure exactly what was damaged, trust that the contractor will.

Ask for references and do your research. Just because your neighbor might be a General Contractor, doesn’t mean they are the people for the job. Make sure to check reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Asking your neighbors, family, and friends for references is a great idea—but make sure to do your own research as well. Check out the reviews for Tactical Restoration—a general contractor in the valley that is trusted by many! (Click Here)

Get multiple bids. If it’s being done through your insurance agency, they may have specific contractors they use regularly and you might not get more than one or two estimates. But, if you are doing the project out of pocket, getting multiple estimates can ensure you that you are getting the best quality for the best price. Keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best price. Quality and efficiency isn’t cheap.

If the contractor is a bit busy, that is good. Them having lots of work means they are trusted and used by many. Don't worry if they can't start your project right away. 

Understand how much of the work will be done by the contractor and how much will be done by a subcontractor. Having subcontractors isn’t a bad thing—sometimes it saves your contractor time. But communication about who is working on your property is necessary for it to move smoothly.

Check reviews, check licenses, complaints, and litigation history. The contractor should also be able to provide you with references, past or current customers who can give you current and honest insight.

Be sure to sign a contract that is detailed and contains information such as schedules and payment deadlines.

Expect to make a deposit before the work can continue.

Keep in mind that hiccups do happen, and no matter how careful the contractor is, problems may occur.

Communicate with contractor or project manager along the way. Try to stay up to date on the project’s schedule. Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions or express concerns.

Don’t make your final payment until your project is 100% complete.


Choosing a contractor is hard, but so possible! Try calling Tactical Restoration. Not only are they a great, accredited, and licenced general contractor, but they are motivated to help you have a better home! Click here to contact them today.