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How to Prevent a Roof Leak

One of the Most Common Reasons Restoration companies are called out for emergency services is because of roof leaks. An emergency roof tarp service is very handy when needed, but there are ways to avoid the extra costs. Consider following these 5 steps to preventing a roof leak.


  1. Look for penetrations. Anything sticking through the roof isn’t a good sign. These will stop the natural flow of water off the roof.

    • Pay attention to the chimney, skylight, plumbing vents, and satellites.

  2. Check the drip edge. Drip edges help water stay away from the fascia and roll off the roof.

    • A missing drip edge can cause a leak in the eaves and wood rot.

  3. Step Flashing. Inspect dormers, roof/wall transitions, and areas of low quality sealant.

    • These are a common leak source and can lead to maintenance.

  4. Don’t forget what’s in your attic. Problems in your attic can also lead to roof leaks. Look for:

    • Mold

    • Animals, critters, bug infestations

    • Poor ventilation or air conditioning

    • Condensation

  5. Remember the gutter. This is an easy point to miss! Make sure they are:

    • Free of debris

    • Tightly fastened

    • Installed right

Although it may seem basic, following these simple steps can help you prevent a roof leak. Save yourself time and money now by regularly checking your roof, drip edge, step flashing, attic, and gutters. If problems do occur, give Tactical Restoration a call. Click here to contact.