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Most Common Causes for House Fires - Chandler, AZ

During the drier seasons of the year, house fires are more common. Follow these tips to avoid a house fire:



    -Blow out candles before leaving a room

    -Never leave a candle burning when you’re not home

    -Remove all flammable materials nearby before lighting a candle

    -Make sure children understand how to be safe around candles



    -Always smoke outside

    -Dispose of Cigarette butts properly

    -Don’t smoke in bed


Electrical and Lighting- especially heating equipment

    -Never overload outlets

    -Don’t leave plugged in lights, appliances, etc on overnight or when not at home


Washers and Dryers

    -Clean the lint trap after every use

    -Have a vent from your dryer leading outside to avoid overheating



    -Clean regularly

    -Never burn near a house



    -During storms, unplug electronics

    -Avoid plumbing, windows, and doors.


Children Playing with Fire

    -Teach fire safety to children

    -Put away all flammable objects, matches, candles, etc


Christmas Trees

    -Especially in dry climates, Christmas trees are a fire hazard once they begin drying out. Never leave the Christmas lights on when you aren’t home. Dispose of tree as soon as holiday is over.

    -Water them regularly to avoid drying out



    -Don’t leave food unattended

    -Grease fires are common- never throw water on them. Simply turn off the heat and place the lid on top of the pan.

    -Keep all flammable items away from fire

    -Make sure all of your smoking detectors are working properly


Inadequate wiring

    -Signs of inadequate wiring are: Fuses blowing frequently, dimming lights when plugging in an appliance, and using too many extension cords.


If you have experienced a house fire, caused by one of these things or something else, please call Tactical Restoration today!