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Preventing Hail Damage to Your Home - Phoenix AZ

Hail is formed during storms, when updrafts carry water vapor up and then it freezes. The frozen water is suspended by the updrafts, then is coated with more water as it falls. It then falls to the ground, or is carried back up through the updraft. As the process continues, the hail becomes larger and heavier, causing more damage.


How to Prevent Damage:

  • Invest in impact-resistant roof shingles, windows, and doors

  • Invest in storm resistant shutters

  • Fix any current roof damage, this will prevent anything further from happening.


How to Minimize Damage During the Storm:

  • Close drapes and blinds. This will protect the home, containing shattering glass if need be.

  • Park cars in closed garage

  • Move patio or lawn furniture indoors or under a covered area

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