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Ways to Save Energy at Home

Looking to save energy and cut down on those electric bills? Try following these simple tips.

- Heating and Cooling:

     Have an AC Tune-up

     Change air filters

     Keep AC and Heat on “Auto” instead of “On”

     Raise the thermostat by 2 or 3 degrees when leaving the house in the summer and lower it by 2-3 degrees in the winter

     Limit the use of portable heaters- they are expensive to run when on for long periods of time.


     CFL light bulbs are energy efficient

     Consider using timers for Christmas decorations, lamps, and other lighting to save you from forgetting to turn them off.


     Unplug small appliances like toasters and microwaves when not in use.

     When going out of town, unplug appliances, lamps, and electronics

     Don’t leave clothes in the dryer too long. It’s pointless to use energy to over-dry your clothes.

     The less you use the oven in the summer-the better!

-Other suggestions:

     Use high performance windows

     Laptops use less energy than desktop computers. 

     Unplug cell phone charger when not in use