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Signs of Carpet Mold - Phoenix AZ

Mold can grow fast in damp places. Regularly inspecting your home for mold is a great way to detect and prevent. Here are a few of the signs to look for.


  • The smell is described as “Musty”

    • It’s not always easy to recognize the musty smell because of the amount of time you spend in your home. Take careful notice if any visitors mention a musty odor in your home because it could assist you in detecting the odor.

  • Allergies acting more than usual

    • Those with allergies or asthma may experience a higher incidence of their conditions after living in a home with mold. Breathing troubles, coughing, sneezing, and asthma

  • Damp Carpet

    • When a floor stays wet for more than a day, mold is likely to begin growing. If you experience a water leak, make sure it dries out quickly. Basements have higher possibilities of growing mold because of the difficulty of drying it out.

  • Mold growth visible: Green, white, or black

    • At advanced stages, you will be able to see mold in colored patches on top of your carpet.

  • Lift up and check under the carpet for signs of mold

    • Although it seems like a simple step, many will forget to check under the carpet. Regularly lift your carpet and check for mold. Look for discoloration and musty smells, which can help you identify the mold.

  • Mold Testing Kit

    • Available at home improvement stores or online, you can test for mold in your own home. Many times, these tests include an opportunity to mail in the mold test for identification and analysis.


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