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Stop Roof Damage from Trees - Glendale AZ

Soon, the monsoon season will be upon us, which is sure to bring fallen down trees. Fallen branches and trees cause damage to structures, roofs, siding, windows, and cars.


It is recommended that you remove or trim all branches that are within 6 ft of your home. These branches may seem healthy, but there is still a possibility of trouble with them this close. With a damaged roof, you face water leaks. Leaves from close branches also clog rain gutters, which can also lead to water damage. Tree roots can invade sewer lines.

Pay close attention to trees close to your home, even if they don’t seem like an immediate threat or don’t have branches within 6 ft. They can be an easy way for animals to access your roof. Also, when exposed to snow, rain, sleet, or high winds, these trees can pose as a risk. If needed, have a roofing company or tree expert inspect your roof and its surroundings.

Maintenance is key when protecting your home from tree damage. If you have experienced damage to your home, give Tactical Restoration a call today!