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What Are Reasons to Replace Drywall?

DIY drywall repair projects can seem simple at times, but usually cause more headaches than happiness. There are many ways that drywall can get damaged, and being aware of them is important for protection.

  1. Water. Water and Drywall were never meant to mix. When drywall gets wet, it is susceptible to warping, discoloration, and mold. As moisture penetrates to the core of the drywall, it becomes softer, crumbly, and even mushy. Mold can begin to grow within only a few days of flooding. This is most common in bathrooms, behind showers, under sinks, in kitchens, flooded garages or basements, and in laundry rooms.

  2. Holes in the wall. Be careful or doorknobs; easily they can leave unwanted holes in the wall. Avoid these by installing a door stopper. Other holes are usually caused on purpose when plumbing or electrical work is done in the home and patches are needing to be made.

  3. Wallpaper is a beast! Always avoid hanging drywall directly on wallpaper. If it isn’t properly prepped, then removing the wallpaper becomes impossible.

  4. Attics aren’t just for storage. Avoid stepping on the drywall in your attic. It can easily break and you’ll go tumbling through.

  5. Furniture. Furniture, when being moved, can cause damage to the surface of the drywall.

  6. Small holes. The most common damage done to drywall is from hanging art, picture frames, and mirrors. More often than not, the wrong mounting screws are used. When hanging something in drywall, a drywall anchor should be used. These prevent tears in the drywall. Also, be sure not to exceed the weight limit on the anchors.

There are many reasons to replace drywall, but only one company worth calling for the repairs--Tactical Restoration. Give them a call today!