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What is Asbestos? - Tempe, AZ

Asbestos materials are fine fibers that are fire resistant. These minerals are odorless and tasteless, but had once been used in building materials and fireproof gear. Because of this, it can be present in old floor tiles, ceiling tiles, roof shingles and flashing, siding, insulation , pipe cement, and joint compound. Although less likely--some newer homes can even contain it. It is impossible to detect asbestos without conducting tests in a laboratory. It’s important that asbestos is detected so that all potential health risks are avoided. Asbestos is proven to cause mesothelioma and other cancers or lung related diseases.

Asbestos is not hazardous until it is airborne. Usually it doesn’t become airborne until the home is being demoed, renovated, or there is further construction going on in the home. All homes built before 1980 should be tested for asbestos before renovations begin. It is recommended that a professional is hired for asbestos testing and removal. Removal is the best option for asbestos, but there are times when it can just be repaired or isolated instead.

Tactical Restoration always has homes built before 1980 tested for asbestos before beginning construction, and are committed to helping you keep your home and family safe during the asbestos removal process. Contact them by clicking here today!